Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rare commodities

Today has been a great day! One roommate is off on a holiday and the other one is at work so I am here in my house all by myself. I love the odd occasions where I can just enjoy the silence. I realize what a rare commodity silence is in this day and age, so I cherish it when it comes.
I just finished two night shifts and so was sleeping it off till about one. I rolled out of bed and decided I needed to make some food for lunches for the week. I really like cooking when I have the time to be creative and have fun, but sadly it turns into just another chore most of the time. But not today! I made some coconut jasmine rice to go with the "Peanut Chicken Satay" kabobs that I got from M&M Meat shop the other day, they are to die for!!! Seriously so tasty and so quick and easy. Love them! Then I made a Cucumber Mango salad with the cucumbers that my roommates mom gave me from her garden! So awesome!! I topped it with a little lime juice and a dollop of sweet chili sauce and a little honey, it ROCKED! Then made myself a coconut mango banana smoothie with the leftover coconut milk from the rice and wow it is all amazingly good if I do say so myself.
Then the phone rang. It was my mom. Now it must be said that I love my mom with all my heart. I enjoy our relationship now as adults even more than I did growing up. We have always been pretty close but in the last several years it has gotten even cooler talking with her and getting to know her in a different way. She is just amazing!
However I suck cause yesterday was her birthday... and I forgot!!! This is nothing new in my life cause I have always had a crappy memory and forget almost everything at some point or another. But she was calling to say hi ad gently remind me so that I wouldn't go kicking myself for too long. How great is she! She was not mad or upset but she knew I would be upset with myself so she wanted to call and tell me how crazy busy things were and not to worry. I love her. She gets me! I realize that this is a rare commodity as well so I try to cherish her at every chance I get as well.
As I said before today has been a quiet day and on those days I tend to reflect. I guess I could continue on and on with random bits but before I say too much and scare people off I will close up for today with one last thought.
I live my life at mock speed most of the time, with any number of "things" vying for my attention or time. It is often the rare commodities that bring the most joy to my life whether it is a quite day spent creating fun and fabulous food or talking and spending time with those people in my life that I love so deeply and really "get me" that it is not an effort to communicate and things just flow. Those are the things that fill my heart and soul up to full again and make me realize that this life is all worth living and fighting through. Today was a day where the good outweighed the bad by a long shot! I will sleep well tonight!

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  1. I can't believe you forgot your moms birthday! :)

    And anytime you want to make me that meal feel free!