Sunday, July 5, 2009

My cup overfloweth

Today I sit here and have had a few days off to relax. Which if you know me, you will understand what a rare occurrence this is. These few days off have come after a short trip to Edmonton for work and QFT. I have been reflecting on how amazing family and friends can be. I am realizing that I have been blessed with a great family. We have had our fair share of ups and downs but for the most part we are pretty tight in our own way.
I have over the past few years begun to have a great respect for my brother, not that I didn't before because he has always been my superhero, but it has been changing and maturing lately. I see him as a man that I respect and love. The only one of his kind, as he is my only brother and no one will ever take that place. With all of the changes in the not so distant future, I am excited to see what God has in store for him.
My relationship with my dad has always been a bit of an effort but even that one has had a few moments over the years that we have shared or connected on a deeper level and I have been pleasantly surprised.
My sister I think will always be an enigma to me. We come from different ends of the spectrum and so we don't get each other. But even she has become softer since her kids have started to grow and have an effect on her life. I love those kids!
My Gran worries me a bit. She will be turning 90 this year and has had an amazing wonderful life, by her own admission. But it makes me sad to think that she won't be around much longer. It makes me sad that I could not find the elusive "man that will take care of you and love you", as that has been her dream and prayer for me for as long as I can remember. She has been a second mom to me all my life. None of my family memories don't have her in them some where, as she has lived with us since I was only six months old. I don't know what life will look like without her. I pray I don't have to find out any time soon.
And my mom... I adore her. She has become one of my very best friends. She is my greatest cheerleader and my measuring stick of all that I want to be. She keeps me in line, or tries to, but does it with love. If I can be half the woman that she is I will be lucky.
Well these are my reflections of my family and where to start with my friends? I have been blessed with many great friends and God has been good. I wish I could gather them all up around me so I could enjoy their company more often. But even the little snippets of time keep me going for long stretches.
Thanks for the love my friends!
And thanks for reading.

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