Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Talking to the Dead by Bonnie Grove

I absolutely loved this book. It had some seriously heavy topics that it touched on but Grove covered them well and shone a light into this otherwise dark topic that most people turn a blind eye to.
The story begins with being introduced to the main character of the book, Kate attending her husbands funeral. Shortly after she begins to hear the voice of her dead husband. We follow the story with her thinking that she is going insane and not being able to tell anyone about it. Her story seems to go from bad to worse, but through it all she keeps searching for the answers. Though her mind seems fragile she keeps persevering to find the answers that she knows are lurking somewhere in her mind.
This book sheds a great healthy light on how amazingly intricate our brains are and how when we have been hurt it often takes others helping us to get us through. This book is full of grief and hope, horror and humor. It takes you through the roller coaster ride that Kate is on as if you were right there beside her.
For her first novel, I would say it was a smashing success!
Go check out her web site! www.bonniegrove.com Or go buy this amazing, uplifting book from www.davidccook.com or anywhere else that sells it. Let's hope we can convince this amazing new Canadian first time novelist to keep up the good work!!

Talking to the Dead

In her first novel, author Bonnie Grove offers readers a tender, quirky story about grief—and second chances

Talking to Dead cover for email"Kevin was dead and the people in my house wouldn’t go home. They mingled after the funeral, eating sandwiches, drinking tea, and speaking in muffled tones. I didn’t feel grateful for their presence. I felt exactly nothing,” writes Bonnie Grove in Talking to the Dead (David C Cook, June 2009). “Funerals exist so we can close doors we’d rather leave open. But where did we get the idea that the best approach to facing death is to eat Bundt cake?”

In her first novel, beloved author Bonnie Grove pens a poignantly realistic and uplifting story of hope, grace, and recovery from grief. Grove’s main character, twenty-something Kate Davis, can’t seem to get the grieving widow thing right. She’s supposed to put on a brave face and get on with her life, right? Instead, she’s camped out on her living room floor, unwashed, unkempt, and unable to sleep—because her husband Kevin keeps talking to her.

Is she losing her mind? Kate’s attempts to find the source of the voice she hears are both humorous and humiliating, as she turns first to an “eclectically spiritual” counselor, then a shrink with a bad toupee, an exorcist, and finally group therapy. There she meets Jack, the warmhearted, unconventional pastor of a ramshackle church, and at last the voice subsides. But when she stumbles upon a secret Kevin was keeping, Kate’s fragile hold on the present threatens to implode under the weight of the past…and Kevin begins to shout. Will the voice ever stop?

In this tender, quirky novel about embracing life, Grove patiently walks readers through the depths and mysteries of extreme sorrow after the death of a loved one. As she takes an unflinching look at the mental health industry, Grove’s training in counseling and psychology brings realism and empathy to grief and mental breakdown. While Kate must confront her own loss to find the grace to go on, readers will be led to the God who is always willing and able to comfort hearts in pain.

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